VenoPower Concept

Tired of Swollen, Numb, or Tingly Feet?

VenoPower Inserts are clinically proven to be 3x more powerful than industry leading compression socks*

Increase Blood Circulation By At Least 26% After First Use

Our Inserts Can Be Used For: Neuropathy, Diabetes, Swelling, Low Blood Flow, Lymphedema, Pregnancy, Varicose Veins, General Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Lower Back, and Knee pain, and more... 

VenoPower Inserts are scientifically tested and manufactured by the University of Karlsruhe in Germany and the German Institute of Sports Medicine in partnership with the Seiter Clinic. 
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Increase Blood Circulation By At Least 26% After First Use

Patented Medical Technology

How can a shoe insert increase blood flow? Thoughtfully raised areas on the Insert stimulate the key points of your feet, to activate your venous foot pump muscle for the entire leg. When activated, circulation is immediately enhancing so blood won’t tend to pool in your legs. Compression socks DO NOT prevent pooling of blood in the feet, nor does it prevent the risks associated with poor circulation. Compression socks only stimulate the calf muscle to ASSIST in circulation, while VenoPower ACTIVATES the blood pumping muscles in both your foot, your calf, and your leg. Our inserts were tested against 20mmHg and 40 mmHg compression socks... in which both showed an increase in blood circulation between 26% and 49% while wearing VenoPower inserts. Results ranging in test subjects both male and female between the ages of 35 and 85 with additional improved support, performance and comfort. These effects bring relief of pain, poor circulation, varicose veins and more...

More Benefits

Feel the Immediate Boost in Energy

Our Inserts are scientifically proven to give you a 26% - 45% boost in oxygen & blood circulation. That's THREE TIMES more powerful than leading compression socks... All ages, from all walks of life enhance their DAILY performance with the our innovative, all-natural device. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you don’t have a reason NOT to try VenoPower – Results are proven true with every step.

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Made in Germany

Our design was innovated and tested by a series of medical professionals. The patented medical technology was designed by podiatrist and vascular specialist Dr. Hans Seiter, in partnership with the German Institute for Sports Medicine and the Sport Academy of the University in Karlsruhe. Our sleek, cushy and flexible design fits comfortably in any footwear without creating additional tightness, and can be worn with the original insole.

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These Innovative Orthotics Have Changed the Lives of Many Around the World

Here's What people are saying...

I’ve been wearing these for the past few weeks while walking, playing sports, and working. So comfortable. I have to admit I was skeptical at first... but they acutally work quite nicely. Would definitely recommend.

– Griffin T from Philadelphia, PA

Finally, a solution that works and gives me the results I need without the embarrassment of a compression sock.

– Julie H from Wilmington, NC

Wow. What a change. These inserts took my simple flats and made them so supportive and comfortable. I have a bunch of kids and always on my feet and they were always aching. I feel like I have the support of sneakers with the comfort of flats! Lifesaver!

– Judith D from Oakland, CA

I slipped these right into my oxford dress shoes, and they are AMAZING. I didn't realize how good they made my legs feel until a few days later. The insole is thin enough to fit without removing original sole, but it provides these unique cushion pads that are indescribably comfortable. AND the "pump" cushion in the heel is like a boost of energy.

– Keith M from Brooklyn, NY

David R. from London, England

David R. uses his VenoPower Inserts to help treat his poor blood flow and tingling numbness caused by Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy.

Christine M. from Cleveland, Ohio


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